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OTM 2009 Blog Tour - An Interview With Ned

CRR Blog Tour – November 2009
Host: Lainey Bancroft  Nov.17

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Hi Lainey, it’s great to be here today! Thanks so much for being part of my first-ever blog tour.

I thought I’d shift gears today and do an interview with Ned. Ned has no last name we know of, but he’s been one of Ryan’s musicians for the past six years. My celebrity reporter, AK Avoxx, caught up with him at the beginning of our story, just after Ryan finds Kaitlyn and introduces her to his musicians. Ned is quite the talker. Let’s hear what he had to say:

AK:  Excuse me, you’re Ryan Reynauld’s drummer, isn’t that right?

Ned: Riveting Ryan? Yeah, I work for him. With him. However you want to say it.

AK: Which is it? Do you work for him or with him?

Ned: Some of both, I guess. He’s the boss. Sort of. I mean, it’s his name selling the records, but he’s not very ‘in charge’ if you know what I mean.

AK: I’m not sure I do. I hear he’s fairly demanding as to what he wants.

Ned: (laughs) Yeah, at times. But then, he’s got the talent, you know? The songs, the voice, the performance factor. Why shouldn’t he be? But he’s not what you think.

AK: No? And how’s that?

Ned: Sorry, can’t say that much. Just don’t believe everything you see.

AK: You can’t give us an example?

Ned: Example. Well. You know how it looks like he’s ‘demanding’ as you say? It’s not that. He is, with himself, but when people jump to do things the way he wants, it’s out of respect, not fear. Not intimidation, as I’ve heard going around. Ry’s one of the least intimidating people you’ll ever meet.

AK: Respect? Sounds like you have some respect for him, as well. Is that musical or personal?

Ned: Both. Great talent. Good guy.

AK: You’re close to him, other than the job?

Ned: I’ve known him for six years, but nah, not close, I can’t say. He’s not close to anyone he works with. Daws maybe, more than anyone. Everyone else is part of the job. Includes me, even if I do keep barging in on him. Some day, you know, people decide they need friends even if they think they don’t.

AK: Daws?

Ned: His bodyguard. Chief bodyguard. He sticks close to Reynauld and runs the rest of the team. Closest thing he has to a friend, I would say. Work-wise. He has a good friend he doesn’t get to see much. He’s just really choosy about them.

AK: Strange, as outgoing as he looks in public, I expected he would have a ton of ‘close’ friends, as well as all of his girlfriends. So are the stories true about all the girlfriends one after another?

Ned: After? (laughs) Ry doesn’t have girlfriends. His job is his mistress. He gets off on writing incredible songs, seeing the audience reaction, the record sales. The girls are part of the job, nothing more. Now and then one’ll try to hook him more but he’s good at getting out of it without too many bad feelings. And it’s not like he tries to start anything. They’re all over him. Works great for us. Plenty of leftovers for the band and crew, if you know what I mean.

AK: Yes, well … this is for a PG rated article, so we’ll bypass that one. The friend you mentioned? The singer everyone says he’s hooked to more than he lets on?

Ned: Sorry, can’t talk about that, either. Off limits. Even he doesn’t.

AK: Why?

Ned: (shrugs)

AK:  Okay, so tell me about this girl he’s been hanging out with recently. She’s not a girlfriend, either?

Ned: Kaitlyn. Nah. Tell the truth, I’m not sure what’s up with her. Not a girlfriend. Not one of his girls, so he says. Quiet kid. Won’t talk to any of us. Not usually the type he takes home. Not that he’s all that particular, but…

AK: Kid? There’s talk of how young she is, enough it has people wanting to know. How old is she?

Ned: Don’t know that, either. But nothing’s going on for anyone to worry about. Want a small inside secret about Reynauld?

AK: Of course.

Ned: Don’t believe what you see. He gets riled easily but he wouldn’t harm a gnat. Well, maybe a gnat if it annoyed him while he was working, and that’s because the gnat would have it coming. But seriously, he has a good heart, whatever you might hear. Anyone he cares about, he’ll stand up for however he has to. No one needs to worry about the girl around him. And I gotta run now. Have a studio date.

AK: One more before you go. You called him Riveting Ryan. I hear he doesn’t like the nickname.

Ned: (laughs) Yeah. No, he hates it. So you know, I have to give him a hard time. Someone’s got to and most are too afraid to do it. He’s got a temper. But you know, it’s like a baby kitten hissing at you. Funny, ‘cause maybe it can scratch but how much harm is it really gonna do?

AK: I’m sure he’d love that comparison.

Ned: I’m sure he won’t. Maybe don’t print that. On the other hand, print it. I’ll get a kick out of seeing his face when he reads it, if he bothers. He doesn’t much. He doesn’t pay much attention to anything printed about him.

AK: Interesting. I’d love to sit and chat more with you, so give me a call if you have time again.

Ned: Good luck with that one. I may get a gag order after this. (laughs and starts walking away) Hey, and make sure you pick up the next album ‘cause I have a feeling it’s gonna be something different. Later.

AK: So, we still have time left. Anyone have questions for Ned they’d like me to ask if he doesn’t get a gag order?

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