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Off the Moon 2009 Blog Tour - Interview with Daws and Ryan

CRR Blog Tour – November 2009
Host: Steph Burkhart  Nov.29
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Hello! Today I’m welcoming back my celebrity reporter, AK Avoxx. He’s managed to not only get the infamous Ryan Reynauld on the interview block again, but also his bodyguard Fred Dawson, better known as Daws. I hear he had an interesting time juggling both together, especially as Daws is not known for talking to reporters other than to tell them to back off. Take it away, AK!

AK:  Ryan? Wait, Ryan! Can I catch up with you again for a minute?

RR:  Hey AK, I’m kinda in a hurry. Schedule with my publicist..

AK:  I was just talking with Ned and thought I’d bounce what he said off you.

RR:  (turns) Ned? (note a slight eye rolling) Why?

AK:  Happened to run into him and he was glad to talk.

RR:  Yeah, I’m sure he was. What do I have to argue this time?

AK:  Other than comparing you to a baby kitten, he actually focused a lot on the respect he has for you.

RR:  (throws a glance at Daws when he chuckles)  Uh huh, sorry, I have to run and I’ll talk to my drummer about the kitten comment. You could maybe not print it.

AK:  Tell you what. I won’t print it if you’ll give me a few minutes. 

Daws:  Sounds like blackmail.

AK:  Not at all. Only an offer. So what’s with the girl? The one usually by your side now?

Daws:  No comment. As he said, he has a schedule to keep. (starts pushing Ryan along)

AK:  Hear she’s related. (moves around in front of Ryan, pushing his luck with Daws) That true?

RR:  How about we talk about the new album? Isn’t that what people want to hear? Do that and I’ll give you a few minutes.

Daws:  Reynauld, you’re already late. We gotta get moving.

RR:  Yeah so they’ll deal with it. (eyes AK) Work for you?

AK:  Guess if that’s my only option. So how’s it coming along?

RR:  Like pouring molasses with a hangover, thanks for asking.

Daws:  Don’t print that.

RR:  Why? It’s truth, but it’ll come along as always.

Daws:  It would come along faster if you would get to the studio and quit jabbing.

RR:  Hey, I made a deal with the man.

Daws:  And you like to hear your own voice. One minute, Reynauld. Only one.

RR:  (grins and returns to AK)  What else did you want to know about it?

AK:  Is the girl hanging around slowing your progress?

RR:  Has a girl ever slowed my progress? (shrugs with a grin) Have a dozen girls at a time slowed my progess?

Daws:  Reynauld. You want him to print that?

RR:  Why not?

Daws:  Give the man something he can use and let’s go.

RR:  All right, don’t get your shorts in a knot. (ignores a glare from his guard) The album. No title yet. Still floating a few songs around we’re unsure about.  But we’re in the studio a lot so there is some progress. It should work out to something buyable.

AK:  Should?

Daws:  It’s coming along well. You know he doesn’t talk up his own music.

AK:  So how about you share more since he doesn’t say much about his works in progress?

Daws:  As always, good songs, deeper meaning than most bother to get, and Mac’s producing again. The songs are floating around because they’re all recordable. It’s a matter of choosing which to put on this one.

RR:  How about you two sit here and chat and I’ll go on to work?

Daws:  (grabs Ryan’s arm as he turns) Try your own version of that instead of making it sound unbuyable, which Patricia will not appreciate, by the way.

RR:  So it’ll give her a challenge.

Daws:  You give her enough challenge. And everyone else, too.

AK:  Speaking of, what was that stunt about the other day? With the girl and window ledge? Actually a stunt or more than that?

RR:  Hey, didya see the press I got from it? Well worth the fine. Might have to try it again in some way, or something as spectacular. Sure beat my impromptu bridge concert. Nice fine on that one, too. Didn’t expect people to stop driving!

AK:  Traffic jam for two hours. I’m sure that was a good fine. Next time you plan a stunt, give me a call, would you? 

RR:  Hey, you know they aren’t planned in advance. They just kinda happen last minute. More fun that way. I’m sure something else will come up soon if you wanna keep tailing me.

Daws:  (shakes his head) I have to find a better job.

RR:  Yeah, you know I keep you from getting bored. (shoves his arm)  Been more than a minute, I think.

Daws:  Well over. 

AK:  So you’re really giving me nothing at all about the girl living with you?

RR:  Well, for the record..

Daws:  Reynauld, no comment. That’s all you need to say.

RR:  No, I have to say this. She’s staying at my place, not living with me. In the spare room. Not mine. And that’s all I’m saying at this point.

AK:  At this point? So possibly…

RR:  Hey, if I decide to say more, I’ll have Patricia give you a call. But I gotta go.

AK:  Thanks for your time and I’ll wait on that phone call. (watches Daws push Ryan through the crowd of girls that had formed around them during the interview)  There you have it, straight from the kitten’s mouth. A possibly buyable album slowly on the way and a girl in the spare room. There has to be a better story behind all of that.

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