Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cover Contest/Blog Hop

Moondrops & Thistles is out already. That is, the full version is out (and getting nice reviews!). I’m still working on the shorter & spicier version (and got an A+ rating on my first actual “love scene” from a fellow author who does tasteful, romantic love scenes). Of course, a different version requires a different cover. So when I happened upon this blog cover contest today, I couldn’t help use it as a chance to push myself to revamp the cover for the new edition. This is what I have. I used sketches of the characters I created for the trailer and put them in place of the Canna lily. It may not be the final version (might depend on comments), but thoughts are welcome!

And go vote here (for what you like best!):
A Writer's Journey: Book Design Contest


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