Saturday, January 19, 2013

My 2012 in Photos and Words

I’m stealing this idea from my friend, TC, The Write Gardener because it was such a great one! What’s better than a nice mix of words and images? Of course, adding music would make it better so expect some links thrown in to complete the ambience.


January: David Garrett at the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh. Incredible rock and classical violinist David Garrett has been named the fastest on record. More than that, it’s just absolute beauty for the ears. My son and I enjoyed the performance greatly. I was introduced to this musician on an episode of Dancing with the Stars and you can find it here.

2012February-MourningDovesFebruary meant a quick trip to the Pittsburgh airport to drop my husband off so he could be with his dad on his transition to the next adventure, whatever that may be. As we parked and got out, these Mourning Doves greeted us.

2012March-SnowyTreesMarch was very much a snow lion and lent for some gorgeous nature scenes. By the end of the month, I was taking photos of daffodils instead.

2012April-NewBookshelfIn April, my wood talented husband created bookshelves to go in front of a slanted staircase. It holds my growing collection of children’s books for future grandchildren. ;-)

2012May-BabyJayMay: We had Cardinal and Robin’s nests in our shrubs and trees this summer. This little Blue Jay was fluttering about on the ground beneath our trees as he tried to find his wings. By the way, it is a myth that if you touch a baby bird, the mother will turn it away. Not that we would ever take one out of a nest, but this little one was off on his own adventure already.

2012June-MandolinWhiskeyJune: Mandolin Whiskey at one of the several places we stalked, uh, followed, them. They were the band that played for…

2012July-WeddingLiliesA July wedding! Our daughter married and moved out of state this year with our new son-in-law. Since he’s Army and had no choice, we won’t hold it against him. ;-) It gives us another place to ‘have’ to visit!







August: I couldn’t choose only one. We spent a day in Foxburg PA for their annual Scottish Highland games and enjoyed some Scottish food (not quite the same as in Scotland, but decently similar), dancing, and music along with the games. We also visited the Moving Vietnam Memorial Wall. We’ve seen the original in D.C. but couldn’t help stopping to look at the small and mobile version when it was in Mercer County.

2012September-RainyBikeWe did a lot of biking over the summer and fall. This September day we got caught! Actually, we were inside when it hit and waited out the passing downpour, so only part of us got a tad wet. I have a lot of scenic photos taken from the back of the bike, many of which will be over on my Mercer County images blog as I find time.

2012October-FallTreesOctober in PA is just incredible for the artistic and nature-loving eye! This is along Shenango Lake.

2012November-ArtShowIn November, I took part with fellow local artists on Small Business Saturday to show our stuff at the James Winner Arts & Culture Center in Sharon PA. We had snow that day, but Pennsylvanians are well used to snow and cold and we had a wonderful crowd.

2012December-ChaoticCurrentsIn December, my 7th novel and 8th book was released. Rehearsal: Of Chaotic Currents is third of the series. Find more info on my website.

So that’s a brief overview of 2012. It was hard picking only one photo for each month (and I fudged in August) and I hope you enjoyed the quick journey with me. I appreciate everyone who stopped by here last year and look forward to interacting with anyone who stops by in the year to come.

Have a wonderful 2013!