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Articles here on my blog about the arts in different forms:


Know That You Can  November 2006
An Obsessive Moderate  November 2006
Possible November 2006
The Test of an Artist  December 2006
Awe Inspiring Vs. Clearly Visible  December 2006
Chi Rispotta (respect others)  December 2006
In Its Own Right  January 2007
Stripped Enough  February 2007
Abridged Arts  February 2007
A Walk In The Garden  March 2007
Living Creatively Free  March 2007
The Times in Music  August 2009
A Musical Moment: The Seventies February 2010
Artistic Eye: in Photos  March 2010
12 Lessons From Ireland (a photo journey) March 2010
Amazing Grace and A Shaky Path  April 2010
Why I Watch Dancing With The Stars  April 2010


Pirates! October 2008
The Indie vs. Traditional Publishing Debate  July 2009
How I Got Started  March 2010
THAT bad word: Marketing  June 2010
Marketing: A Bit O' Luck Be With You  June 2010
Marketing: Something's Working  July 2010
Sweet Words (on reviews and political correctness)  December 2010
Adding Color to Shades of Gray (legal stuff)  January 2011
Independence: Have We Forgotten the Meaning?  April 2011
Marketing: Pinterest-ed? February 2012
7 Reasons Writing an Indie Book Makes You... June 2013
Formatting Tips for Self-Publishers December 2015


Beginnings (day in a writer's life) May 2006
An Anchored Boat  (questions asked of a writer) May 2006
An Anchored Boat pt.2  July 2006
Author Day at the Library  August 2007
The Race for Words  (Nanowrimo)  November 2007
It Was...  (opening lines)  March 2008
Amazon and PODs  April 2008
A Small Matter of Quality  April 2008
Mainstream  August 2008
The Writer's Voice  August 2008
Dating (as in book dating)  February 2009
What Is Mainstream?  March 2009
Classic Romance Revival  March 2009
When A Thing Becomes A Character  April 2009
I Have A Huge Fixation (about reading)  April 2009
Do You Twitter?  May 2009
I Have An Idea, but...  May 2009
Setting: The Watery Breath of a Story  June 2009
Write What You Know, But What Does That Mean?  June 2009
I Read Romance. Why?  June 2009
Its, It's, and Other Contractions  July 2009
Wishing They Existed (about fictional heroes)  July 2009
My Don't List, from a Reader's POV  January 2010
It's Grammar Day; Have To Do It March 2011
Grammar, pt 2  March 2011
Reflections on David Garrett and Mixed Genres  January 2012
What Does Free Cost?  January 2012
The Lazy Reading Curse? (on book length and flowery language)  January 2012
If No One Loses, Who Wins? (on critiques and revews) February 2012
Story and Plot: What's the Difference?  December 2012
Books (and other things) To Talk About  December 2012
Labels of Gray March 2013


Nickelback  July 2009
Yellow Submarine  September 2009
London To Tokyo  May 2010


A Child Miseducated  November 2007
Who Says Authors Are So Smart?  May 2008
A Life of Service  May 2011
Military in the Arts, Oh How It Leans November 2013
Classic Literature and Education January 2014

I love to travel and we've done a fair amount of it. So have a lot of my fellow authors and now and then they come share their adventures.
(dates are of the blog posts, not of the actual travel)


Stephanie Burkhart in Denmark November 2011
Elaine Cantrell in Sugar Mountain, North Carolina  November 2011
Libby Serkies in Idaho and Montana  November 2011
Nessa Burns Reifsnyder in Maine  November 2011
Mona Risk in the Seychelles November 2011
Sarah Todd in Turkey  November 2011
Shawn Kirsten Maravel in Italy  November 2011


Pennsylvania and New York on the Harley  September 2010
PA & NY on the Harley (part 2)
Bennington, Vermont  September 2011
Bennington, Vermont (pt 2)  September 2011
Pittsburgh  November 2011
Virginia  November 2011
Washington D.C.  November 2011

(dates are for the review, not book publication)Update (June 2013) I now review at Goodreads instead of here on my blog, and I do indie book reviews for Elucidate Publishing.

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy  February 08  [literary]
The Wolf's Torment by S.G. Cardin  August 08  [paranormal romance]
Asking For Murder by Roberta Isleib  August 08  [cozy mystery]
A Reason To Hope by A.L. Marquardt  December 08 [Christian sci fi]
A Different Kind of Honesty by Jane Richardson  February 2009 [contemporary romance]
Witch Hunts on the Internet by Yvonne Eve Walus  March 2009  [general fiction]
All My Hopes and Dreams by Celia Yeary  April 2009  [western romance]
Fire Eyes by Cheryl Pierson  October 2009  [western romance]
Time Plains Drifter by Cheryl Pierson  January 2010  [western paranormal romance]
Last Night in Twisted River by John Irving  February 2010  [literary]
Still Alice by Lisa Genova  March 2010  [contemporary fiction]

** Reviews on my blog are books I have purchased or borrowed from the library (with the exception of Asking For Murder, which was supplied by the author as a requested review.  No compensation was received for any review. All rights reserved ©LK Hunsaker.

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