Monday, November 30, 2009

I Have Books!



Off The Moon
LK Hunsaker
ISBN 978-0-9825299-0-4
$14.95 Trade Paperback or $6.95 Ebook, 370 pages
Elucidate Publishing


As you can see, I also still have copies of my first three novels here ready to sign and send. Contact me through Elucidate Publishing or from my website for queries. Discounts for multiple orders.

Friday, November 27, 2009

RELEASE DAY – Off The Moon

OffTheMoon - LK Hunsaker

Off The Moon

LK Hunsaker

"Riveting" Ryan Reynauld is immersed in a world of music, parties, and temporary companionship. Having risen to the top of the pop charts, his biggest concern is objecting to the way his music is produced. That is, until he finds a young woman standing on a window ledge. Against the advice of family and friends, and through media attacks and fan protests, Ryan determines to care for her himself, making a promise that threatens to destroy his career.

Convincing the skittish girl she can learn to trust again comes with a steep price. Sometimes the path to recovery begins by allowing your world to implode.

Elucidate Publishing

November 2009

Print ISBN  978-0-9825299-0-4

$14.95, 370 pg, trade paperback
Ebook ISBN  978-0-9825299-1-1

After two years of work on this book, it’s here!  I’m rather excited about this one – yes, I’m excited about all of my books, but particularly this one – because I think it has a much wider reach and draw than my first three. If you’ve followed my tour at all, you know it deals with quite a few issues (love, loss, family relationships, grief, abuse, mental health care, pop music management/fandom, and others) and sometimes is rather intense, but there is always the underlying hopefulness that I keep in all of my work.

Currently, I’ve been focusing on romance network marketing, but will be reaching out into mainstream fiction markets, since this one is more mainstream/literary than the others and less romance-centered.

The reviews are coming in strong and I’m well-pleased with them. I’m always anxious to know what readers think so sign my Guest Book any time to let me know!

Today I’m partying all over the net. Visit any of these places (plus right here) for a chance to win a PDF copy of the book. And remember, if you comment at 8 of my 16 tour stops, you can win a signed, print copy! Links are listed in posts below.

CORRECTION from yesterday: I’m giving away a PRINT copy of the book to one party attendee in any of my listed places, PLUS the Newest CD from Vicki Blankenship:

I’ll accept anyone who posts here today (Sat. 28th) as well, since I messed things up. ;-)

My main stop today is at Classic Romance Revival where I’ve answered a few reader questions and am taking more.

Thank you to all who have supported me in the past and present, and to Judah Raine of CRR Promotions and all of the wonderful blog hosts helping to spread the word!





SPECIAL for RELEASE DAY only: free US shipping (discounted elsewhere), plus deep discounts for extra copies to use as gifts!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

What I’m Thankful For

Yesterday I was highly productive. I did something I've never accomplished before. I wrote over 10,000 words for my Nanowrimo novel. It didn't even feel like a struggle until around 11 last night when my eyes and hands were getting weary. By that time, I was so close to 10K, I just wanted to see if I could. So I jumped from being behind on my word count to being nearly finished: 46,809. I'm also right at the end of the story, which I've also never done before: write a complete book in one month. Of course, it's more a novella than a novel, but as I fill out details and such, I'm sure it'll hit at least 60K, still a short novel. I really like the story. When I started writing it the first of November I barely knew what I would be writing about - no outline, barely any characters and only first names, I knew the end but not much about the middle. It developed as I typed, as did my characters I didn't know when I started. Now they are full, deep characters with an interesting story to tell and I'm excited about the whole thing.

I will likely small press this book. I'm interested in the experience of small press, plus if it's contracted, I won't pay anything to get it out there so anything I make will be profit. I haven't done that before, either.

This one is sweet romance, not at all gushy sweet, but safe for all ages sweet. No language issues. Nothing even leading toward sexual interaction. No sensual scenes other than one nice kiss, also safe for all ages. I think after the intensity of Off The Moon, I needed to unwind myself.

The premise: Women on the homefront during an overseas war set back in earlier days when a woman's reputation could be ruined even with a simple public kiss. It's not a feminist novel. It's not anti-feminist. It's just a 'how it was' story as far as I can know from combining my love of history with my knowledge of what it's like to be a woman left at home during a war.

Today, I'll finish the last three thousand some words, and the story.

1-- I'm thankful for the gift of writing I've been given, and for the opportunity at this time of my life to be able to produce so well and get these stories out there.

2-- I'm thankful my husband has a good job during these lean times, and that he's had one since the day we met. Even if they are hard jobs, physically and mentally, and even if it has meant a lot of sacrifice from all of us, we have food, shelter, and clothing and each other. I'm also thankful for his willingness to take such hard work in order to provide for his family.

3-- I'm thankful, as my uncle spends his final days fighting cancer, that he has family around caring for him and a hospital staff providing as much comfort as they can. And I'm thankful to know that the 'end' is not the end. There is more...

4-- I'm thankful my kids are healthy, intelligent, becoming-capable young people who daily show their moral values and their care for others. Never mind the irritations that always comes with children, I'm thankful to be able to have to put up with those, also. It means they are still here buzzing around me in order to be annoying. And they give good hugs to make up for it.

5-- I'm thankful I live in a country where I can rant about the things I don't like that are happening and still be free to sit here and go on living my life as productively as I wish. Yesterday, I read a blog by Maksim Chmerkovsky of Dancing with the Stars where he was being attacked for his opinions. His reply: he was so glad to have the freedom to share his opinions safely now, since he couldn't in his own country, and he would continue doing so. Good for him. He understands the value of America and is happy enjoying its freedoms. He came over, worked hard, learned English well, and is the epitome of what immigrants CAN be in this country if they're willing to BE part of this country.

6-- I'm thankful for all the women who have come before me who stood up and fought for their rights to be treated as equal citizens. Even if it has been carried too far toward the other edge in some situations, at least we have the right to act as we choose, to marry or not, to work at home or outside it, to have children or not, to live alone if we wish and can support ourselves.

7-- I'm thankful I have the right to write the stories I wish and to choose what I read, regardless of opinion.

8-- I'm thankful that regardless of the health care debate, we have the world's best health care and the highest survival rates. I'm willing to voice my opinion and fight to not let that change.

9-- I'm incredibly thankful for our military. Without them, those rights listed above would vanish.

10-- I'm thankful to God for all the beauty around us, for the love we have for each other, for the ability we've been given to care for ourselves and each other and our world, and for free will. I would never exchange having no pain for a lack of free will. It is a tremendous gift and whatever is going on around us, we should always remember that gift. Being controlled is not worth greater 'ease'. Struggles are what make us what we are and allow us to be so thankful for what we have.

Have a Beautiful Thanksgiving.

Fall Trees ~ LK Hunsaker 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Boundaries and Edges and Romance

Today I’m on Maryann Miller’s blog talking about crossing boundaries with fiction genres and issues. Please come by and say hello:

A Note: I realize there are some of you reading the tour posts who are unable to comment due to Blogger and WordPress restrictions. Thank you for coming by and reading! If you’d like, my website guestbook is completely open for comments so you can leave your thoughts there, or just say hello.

I read this quote today in the Nanowrimo forum, and thought it was too perfect not to share:

I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center.
~~ Kurt Vonnegut

I never would have thought myself an edge-seeker when I was young. I like familiar and comfortable to the point that every time I move, I’m thrown for a good six months or more. However, I’ve come to realize over the years, especially in the past few, that I am an edge-seeker, a boundary pusher. Never mind it makes me incredibly nervous to push boundaries; I continue to do so, anyway. At times, I’ve considered stepping back toward the middle, and do that at times in order to regroup, but before I know it, I’m right back there on the edge.

Why else would a twenty-one-year-old who had never been anywhere without her family suddenly jump up and move out of the country with a brand new soldier husband heading to Germany? One she met over the phone, by the way, and then drove with a friend eighteen hours to meet him. Yes, true story.

It wasn’t in my plans, that’s for sure. My plans were to finish my bachelor’s, move on to my master’s, get going in the psychology field, and THEN marry and think about having kids. Nice plan.

Yes well, the reality turned out to be nice, also. Scary – at many times, it has been very frightening, indeed – but nice. And what I’ve seen since jumping that edge could fill a book itself. Possibly some day it will.

Today, my husband and I have been married 22 years. Last year, I hit the point I was married half my life. This year, it’s his turn. That 21 and 22 year old couple who jumped with no more than love and determination and strength to face the unknown (let’s face it, every marriage is an unknown) walked through a lot of fires in the name of love and romance to get to that comfortably burning smolder that now and then bursts into huge flames. Now though, the flames are truly warm and comforting instead of just fiery.

This must be why I write the way I do, blending edgy mainstream issues into romance. I like the edge. And I’m a romantic at heart. Finally, I’m in my comfort zone and I would love to share it widely.

If you’re following my tour, here are the last of the dates:

Nov 23 – Sandy James:

Nov 25 – Lizzie Starr:

Nov 27 – CRR {Release Day!}

Nov 29 – Steph Burkhart

Dec 1 – The Pen Muse

All dates will be permanently linked on the novel’s website:

My next NEWSLETTER will be out Monday, November 23rd!  It will include details for my online RELEASE PARTY!  Subscribe on my website or here on the blog, linked to the right. Win a signed copy of Off The Moon, plus Vicki Blankenship’s newest CD, signed by Vicky, Blue Flame Trance!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

An Interview with a Musician: Gino Scalmato

Gino and I met back in 2001 when he and Dedication came down to Arlington, Virginia from their home base in New York City to play a fest for fans of the 70s super group the Bay City Rollers. They were a joy to work with and chat with, and I’m honored to have a special appearance on my blog by this talented professional rock/punk drummer!

LK:  Hi Gino! How about just jumping in and telling us a bit about yourself and your work?

GS: Hi Lorraine! Thanks for finding me. I’ve been a drummer for over 25 years & teaching for about 15 years or so. Currently I own a Drum & Guitar store In Middle Island, NY. I am currently playing & recording with a band out of NYC called THE SKEEVOTZ and doing a reunion with THE BEAUTY SCHOOL DROPOUTS.

LK: You have a long history of playing with different bands. What made you pick up the drumsticks?

GS: Yes, I’ve played in a lot of bands, all different styles of music: Punk, metal, thrash, blues & rock bands.I started playing drums after I heard KISS (The Destroyer album).

LK: Oh, how interesting! I’ve heard other musicians say it was a certain band that made them decide to go into music. It’s wonderful how inspiring other artists can be on us. Speaking of, what has been your biggest breakthrough moment so far?

GS:  My biggest breakthrough is being lucky enough to make a good living as a musician.I think a lot of musicians don’t realize that making it, is making a living.

LK:  A good thing for young musicians with musical plans to know. I’m sure behind that “luck” is a lot of very hard work and determination. Since we’re on that vein, I know a lot of musicians don’t actually read music; they learn to play by doing and by sound. Do you? Any thoughts on the difference?

GS: Yes, I read music. I believe reading music is very important & so is playing by ear.

LK: Nice to hear you say that. It’s similar to writers who study writing theory or not. Knowing the theory makes a difference. So, I see you’re currently in the studio. What do you like best about studio work? Is there anything you dislike about it?

GS: Working in the studio can be stressful & fun at the same time. Sometimes songs & your drum parts come out a lot different then you expected.

LK: I have to tell you, I was a school band drummer (snare, trip toms, timpani), but have never tried a drum set. I’ve often wondered how you go about writing music for the set. Any insights?

GS: Your drum parts should always be played from the heart & then transcribed into notation.

LK:  Ah, also like writing – first draft from the heart. ;-)  How about being on the road? Do you have any road stories you can share?

GS:  I’ve been lucky enough to play a lot great shows with a lot of great bands all over the country and have met a lot of great people. The Bay City Rollers fans always treated me great at all the festivals I was lucky enough to play.

LK: My son, a burgeoning drummer, is rather impressed that Beauty School Dropouts have played with Sum 41 and Rancid. How did that come about?

GS: We all played on the ’01 Warped Tour together.

LK:  Since I brought up family, my daughter, who gets annoyed with having to hear her brother practice, wonders if you drove your family crazy while learning.

GS: My family was always cool with it, the neighbor next door would always call the cops on me.

LK:  Oh, funny! Some people just can’t appreciate music! We’re lucky to have tolerant neighbors, I guess. Speaking of learning, I see you’re writing a drum book. That’s intriguing. Can you tell us about it?

GS:  It’s been in the works for a while now, should be finished soon. Contains all styles of drumming (Latin, Funk, Jazz, Rock, single & double bass with some heel toe ideas).

LK:  That sounds great, Gino! A nice addition to your store, also.  Because I ask everyone, just for fun, do you have a favorite color?

GS:  It changes a lot, but I just got a new silver drumset (LUDWIG), so I guess it’s silver for now.

LK:  Ha! Great answer. One I haven’t heard. How about a favorite artist, other than musical?

GS: Not really.

LK:  Gino, thank you so much for your time! Be sure to let me know when your book is out so I can pass word along to my readers. It may be a nice gift for my son, as well.

GS:  Anytime! I will send you a copy as soon as it’s finished. Thanks!

LK:  I’ll sure look forward to seeing it!

Anyone who would like to keep up with Gino and what he’s doing can find him on Myspace:

If you have questions for comments for Gino, please post them here and I’ll see if I can get him to return to answer. ;-)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Touring Along on my Virtual Book Blab

Everything we do takes learning along the way. That’s how I write and how I market. I learn as I go. I can’t think of anything we don’t have to just jump in and see how it works as we learn: school, socializing, learning an instrument (studying theory is great but until you DO it, you don’t actually learn it). Same with … love, marriage (for those still unmarried, trust me, it’s a huge learning process), even uh.. sex (shh) is a learning process. We also have to learn HOW to learn in order to do it productively. Those countries with better education rates are those who are best at teaching their kids how to learn, not only facts and figures. How is more important. I think we have come too far from that.

I’m a hands-on type (and if you’re giggling about now, take the image from the paragraph above out of your head, thank you). I learn by jumping in and figuring it out. That’s what I’m doing with all my promo, including my current book tour. I’m figuring it out as I go, along with some wonderful assistance from CRR Promotions! Organizing is not my thing. Luckily, CRR is good at it.

So I’m nearing the middle of my tour. What have I learned?

1- It can get exhausting.

I’m a writer. How hard should it be to write blog content based on my book? Turns out, harder than I expected, especially since CRR did such a great job and I have 16 blogs to write for in 31 days. Not a big deal, right? For someone who has done Nanowrimo for 5 years now and nearly doubled the required 50K last year to write 97,000 words in 30 days, 16 short blogs shouldn’t be a big deal.

Yes well, try taking a novel and writing 16 short essays about it, all with different topics. It’s more easily said than done. Still, I’m enjoying the process because after the two years I’ve taken to write and edit (and re-edit and rewrite and re-edit and…) the story, I’ve found it interesting to dissect my own work even further. It may sound strange to non-writers, but there are so many things that go into a story even the author doesn’t know until she looks back and dissects where that stuff came from. Writing is indeed therapy, especially when you force yourself to take such a hard look.

2- Some people will read your blog postings and not comment.

This is something to remember. Just as on email lists there are many more reading than posting, a lot of readers are hesitant to join in with comments. That doesn’t mean if you only get three comments, you had only three readers. And remember that your posts will (or should) stay in those blogs for a long time to come and can always get randomly pulled from search sites. It’s exposure. Unlike being in Vermont in the winter without a coat on, exposure is good for writers.

3- Form your blog content to your host blog as you can.

This is the hardest, I think. Trying to make your posts relate to your book and to your host can be tricky. Use your imagination. Writers know how to do that, at least fiction writers do. ;-)  When you find one you can’t figure out how to mesh, throw in fun things such as character interviews, author interview, excerpts. If you have an excerpt that will fit in any way, use that. It can be a very small connection, such as mentioning the dog rescue part of your book on a host’s blog who owns dogs.

I’ll likely have more lessons to post later. For now, here are the direct links to each blog I’ve been in this month. And another HUGE thank you for the hosts!  Remember that commenters can win a free printed, signed short story and anyone who comments on 8 or more blogs along the way has a chance to win a signed copy of Off The Moon!

Nov 1: Judah Raine

Introduction - what is literary romance?


Nov 3: Jane Richardson

Artistic Vision and Creative Doubt


Nov 5: Sue Perkins

Traveling Fiction: Places in Story


Nov 7: Linda Banche

Interview:  Will


Nov 9:  Sandra Kay

Subplot: A second rescue


Nov 11: Liana Laverentz

Behind the Scenes: An Army Brat


Also, be sure to catch tomorrow’s blog with Nancy O’Berry:
Celebrities: Truth vs. Hype – Nov. 13

Nov. 15: Metaphorical Reality with Sandra Sookoo

Nov. 17: An Interview with Ned (Ryan’s drummer and quite the character) at Lainey Bancroft’s blog

Oh, I’m also plugging away at Nanowrimo. I’m terribly behind (several thousand words behind) but no big deal. I’ll catch up.

And, be on the lookout right here for not only more blog dates, but a fun interview by a professional drummer who works out of NYC, owns a drum shop, and was part of the Warped Tour (you younger folks will know what that is). Sign up for email updates to be sure not to miss it.

Well, I’m off and on the run again. Actually, it’s more like a slow and somewhat steady trudge. Hey, it worked for the tortoise.

OffTheMoon-frontcover3-300Preorder now for free shipping within the US and discounted shipping outside the US. As of release date, Nov. 27, shipping will be added. 


Thursday, November 05, 2009

Book Tour Day Three

Thank you to all who are visiting my tour! At today’s stop, I’m talking about Traveling Fiction: Places in Story with Sue Perkins:

Also, I now have PRE-ORDER available!  Until the release date, shipping on a personally signed print copy of Off The Moon is free! After November 27th, there will be a small charge included to ship.

Ebook orders will be mailed a bookmark and bookplate, signed. 

My complete tour schedule is here:

I’m still keeping up with Nanowrimo, as well, with over 7,000 words of a brand new novel!  -- find me if you’re there! I’m under lkhunsaker.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Book Tour Day Two

I’m talking about Artistic Vision and Creative Doubt, mixed with a touch of pop culture, on Jane Richardson’s blog today!

Come chat for a chance to win a printed, signed short story that’s so far unpublished and a bit of a prequel to Off The Moon.

Jane Richardson: Home Thoughts From A Broad

I love the title of her blog, as much as I loved her “A Different Kind of Honesty” – a lively and lovely contemporary romance that bounces between England and New York City. Funny … so does Off The Moon to a different extent.

Anyone who comments on at least 8 of my blogs during tour has a chance to win a signed copy of Off The Moon when it’s released!

Thank you again to all the tour hosts. You all rock!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Interview with a Musician: Vicki Blankenship

BlueFlameTrance-VickiBlankenshipVicki Blankenship is not only an Indie Singer/Songwriter, but she’s also president of, a celebration of women in the independent arts. As a member of IndieGrrl, I’m glad to have Vicki here to talk with us about her music and her organization.

I’m also happy to announce that the lyrics of I’ve Waited For You, from her newest album, will be the music epilogue for Off The Moon, my fourth novel due out this month.

LK:  Hi Vicki! First, a public “thank you” for allowing use of your lyrics in my novel. It’s amazing when I was searching for indie songs that would fit with the story, just how well I’ve Waited For You fits. It’s nice to have you here chatting with us.

VB:  Thanks for using my song and promoting my music and lyrics.

LK:  First things first, how long have you been in the music business? When did you first pick up a guitar?

VB: I first started playing guitar and drums when I was 5 years old thanks to a grandfather and great grandfather who were both musicians. I’ve been in the music business off and on since college (1976 – 1981) but went full time in the music industry in 2003 with my first solo release “Don’t Forget To Breathe”.

LK:  It’s wonderful when young children get into the arts! Your music career echoes my writing career a bit – my first release was also in 2003. ;-)

So tell us a bit about your newest release, Blue Flame Trance.

VB:  My latest release Blue Flame Trance was originally slated to be called “Elements” because the songs selected for this project were different elements of my life and the songs were songs I had written from 19 years old to present. Many of my friends suggested that I consider using the name “Blue Flame Trance” as the title of the CD because they considered the song “Blue Flame Trance” an unforgettable song and the name would stand out more. The song itself is about Moonshine which is very prevalent in Franklin County Virginia the area where I grew up.

LK: Your music is reminiscent of 60s/70s folk rock, mixed with a touch of a country flair. At least that’s what I think of when I listen to it. Phoebe Snow comes to mind, but also Martina McBride; it’s both soulful and soothing. Who are your musical influences?

VB:  I grew up in the 60s/70s folk rock era so that is the music I know and love and the style in which I write. I loved bands like Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, Steve Miller, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Crosby Still Nash & Young, and Fleetwood Mac. I am a HUGE Lindsey Buckingham fan. Three other songwriters that I love are Mary Chapin Carpenter, James Taylor and Carol King.

LK:  Ah, some of my favorite artists there, also.  I have to tell you I grinned when I went through your website and read about Kiva, your rescued Dalmation. I have a rescued lab mix who is also such a joy, and Off The Moon features a rescued dog. Would you like to share a bit about your Dalmation rescue mission?

VB: Dalmatians were over bred when the 101 Dalmatians movie came out. And Dalmatians tend to be very active dogs that need a lot of attention. So a lot of them got abandoned when they grew older. I have helped place many Dalmatians in good homes that will work with them and show them the attention they need. Kiva is one that I kept myself. She is deaf and is one of the smartest dogs I have ever owned. She understands a doggie sign language that I made up and is very obedient. She knows no strangers and is friendly to everyone so she makes a good travel companion on the road.

LK:  Just for fun and since I ask everyone, what is your favorite color? Do you have a favorite artist or art style?

VB: My favorite color(s) is a toss between royal blue and purple. I love Vincent Van Gogh and my favorite painting is The Starry Night. I also like Georgia O’Keeffe and Klimt. I also paint; mostly oils and acrylic, and most of my paintings would be classified in the contemporary abstract style.

LK:  How did you come up with the idea of founding IndieGrrl? Will you tell us about it?

VB:  Actually Holly Figueroa founded Indiegrrl as a networking forum for female singer songwriters in 1998. I joined the network in 2003. Later I founded Indie Music For Life in 2004, a non profit to raise money for cancer research and other programs. I took over Indiegrrl in October 2005 and brought it in under the umbrella of Indie Music For Life. Now the non profit has completed revamped as of this year and in February we officially changed the name to Indiegrrl Women in the Arts, Inc so that we could include all aspects of the arts into the non profit and build on other things among networking. Indiegrrl Women in the Arts, Inc. works to create networking, educational, and showcasing opportunities for women of all ages involved in the arts. We also produce several festival events to help raise funds for various charities and are working to raise funds to build an Indiegrrl Music and Arts Camp for children between the ages of 7 and 17. Indiegrrl also produces an annual conference as an educational and showcasing opportunity and we are working on other educational forums, workshops, and seminars to help with entrepreneurial development in music and other aspects of the arts. If you believe in what Indiegrrl is trying to develop please go to our website and make a contribution.

LK:  I better wind this up so I don’t take too much of your time, but before I let you go, I’d love to hear what you’re working on now.

VB:  I am working on developing many Indiegrrl Women in the Arts programs and opportunities. Personally I am starting to promote my new CD “Blue Flame Trance” which you can find at

LK:  Vicki, thank you again! Please leave any links you’d like us to know about.

VB and are the main links. There are also Myspace links and and the facebook link

A note to readers: A signed copy of Vicki’s CD, Blue Flame Trance, will be included as part of the release party give-away for Off The Moon. Stay tuned here or sign up for my newsletter for more info.


My BLOG TOUR for Off The Moon, featuring Vicki’s lyrics, “I’ve Been Waiting For You” kicks off TODAY! 

Here’s the first link:

To follow the tour, find the schedule either at CRR Promotions:

Or at Elucidate Publishing:

Today is my Author Introduction. Leave a comment for a chance to win a so-far-unpublished prequel short story, signed and mailed!  On Tuesday, I’ll be talking about Artistic Vision And Creative Doubt, hosted by Jane Richardson, author of “A Different Kind of Honesty.”