Friday, February 15, 2019

The Sweet Sale after Valentine's Day

As a romance/love story author, you'd think I'd jump all over Valentine's Day marketing. It never seems to work that way. I'm a push-it-to-the-last-minute type who tends to think the best thing about V Day is the chocolate markdowns the following day. I'm a bit of a chocolate fan.

If you feel the same and you're looking for a sweet bargain today, jump over and buy this sweet romantic story about two soldiers and those they leave behind. The eBook version is even on sale: $2.15 (with on-site coupon) until the end of February, only from Smashwords.

If you'd like it in print, personally signed, I have a limited number available and ready to mail (US only due to postal rates). $8 includes media mail postage, through the end of February. Email loraine at lkhunsaker and add the .com at the end. By sure to add the name you want inscribed!


Abraham and Cameron leave their Snake River Valley homes to join the war effort while Maura, Cameron's near-betrothed, is left at home holding the pieces together. Over time and letters, she ponders her relationship with Cameron and is drawn to Abraham's artistic and poetic nature. A twist as unpredictable as the Snake itself brings Maura an unexpected ally and swift change of course.


"Protect the Heart is a sweet, old fashioned love story... Even though the ending is fairly expected, the journey is such a pleasant one, full of enough drama and surprise to make this a story well worth reading."  from Smashwords

"Protect the Heart offers a sweet, endearing look at life, love, and heartbreak during war time. Set between Idaho and a war zone, four young adults exchange a series of letters which are raw, full of longing, hope, and gives glimpses into their complex lives. ...a story about hardship, endurance, and the power of love."  from Smashwords

"The characters feel very real, and sympathetic, with an old-fashioned style that I found completely refreshing. I found myself gasping at certain points in the story, and always concerned about how things would turn out for the heroine, working on the homefront, helping returning soldiers and their families whom they'd left behind. 'Protect the Heart' is a lovely tribute to our armed forces, and their loved ones who wait for their return." from