Monday, December 30, 2019

Off The Moon 2009 Blog Tour

Off The Moon now has an updated
2nd Edition Hardcover version!

Publication date: 28 January 2020.
Available for pre-order until the 28th at most major retailers.

Off The Moon Website

(with buy links)

While doing the update for the website, I realized many of the links for the original 16-Stop Blog Tour I did back in November 2009 are no longer available. Since I want them available, I will be reposting them here on my blog, with the original links where they are still up. The permalink for this post will be on my site, and for a while, it will be linked in the right-hand column for easy access.

I'll update this post as each one is added. The original links are in place and viewable (as of Dec 2019). Thank you to all of my hosts!
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Nov 15: 
Sandra Sookoo
Metaphorical Reality

Nov 17: Lainey Bancroft
Interview with Ned (Ryan's drummer)

Nov 19: Lindsay's Romantics
Home: That Special Fit

~Original Post~

Nov 21: Maryann Miller
Pushing Boundaries with Trauma and Genre
~Original Post~

Nov 23: 
Sandy James
Nov 27: Classic Romance Revival
Release Party! Author Interview

Nov 29: Steph Burkhart
Interview with Daws and Ryan

~Original Post~

Dec 1:
 The Pen Muse
Off The Moon: The Inside Scoop

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