Monday, December 05, 2011

7 Blogs in 10 Days: Moondrops & Thistles

Moondrops & Thistles - LK HunsakerLast month’s blog theme was travel, in honor of the novel I started for Nanowrimo 2011.

This month, my focus is on my 2010 Nanowrimo novel: Moondrops & Thistles. Moondrops has an interesting history behind it. Over 7 guest posts during the next 10 days, I’ll be talking with my hosts about that history, about the book, and a little about myself.

At the end of the 10 days, I have a nice little giveaway for those who participate.

One personally signed copy of the novel
One transforming mug with the wraparound cover art
and a Support Our Troops rubber bracelet

To play, simply read each blog post and email me at
info @ (leave out the spaces)
with the answer. You’ll need to read each post since I’ll put a question here after each post is up. You’ll get ONE entry for EACH emailed response!
Please note, this giveaway is US only due to high international postage rates. For my international readers, though, I’ll have a free ebook of the novel for one winner.

Let me know when you email if you are in the US or elsewhere so I can draw one winner for each!

Here’s the blog list. I will add links to it as I have them--

December 6: SOS Aloha
-- Question: Where was I living in December 1990?
(email the answer, don’t post it here!)

December 8: Mona Risk
-- Question: Where does Daws offer to take Deanna in the excerpt posted? 

December 9: Keena Kincaid
-- Question: What is the first question Keena asked?

December 12: Nancy O’Berry -- Question: What is my favorite part of the story?

December 13: Liana Laverentz
-- Question: In the excerpt, what does Deanna not want to explain to Daws?

December 14: Stephanie Burkhart
-- Question: Who would I cast to play Daws if Hollywood called?

December 16: Jane Richardson -- Question: What is the chore I would happily give up?

THANK YOU to all of my wonderful blog hosts. I’ll also be giving a free ebook of the shorter and spicier version to one commenter on each of their blogs.

This contest runs through midnight of December 18th, so be sure to email your answers before then!

Moondrops & Thistles: shorter spicier edition

[cover for the shorter, spicier edition]

Find Moondrops & Thistles:
Facebook (for info and excerpts)
Indiebound (order from your favorite indie store)
Smashwords (ebooks)
Goodreads (for reviews)
Elucidate Publishing (for signed print copies)

also at, Books A Million, Sony, Kobo, and Diesel

Moondrops & Thistles mug wraparound

[picture on the transforming mug showing the bottom of the wraparound novel cover – © all rights reserved]