Saturday, January 18, 2020

Just Be

©Sandra Boynton
The other day, while driving into town, I noticed someone down the road already had a Valentine's Day flag up in their yard. My first impulse was to grin, partially being glad they care that much about the day celebrating all things love, but also thinking that it's the middle of January. We barely got over the big Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year season.

I don't know about anyone else, but I need the downtime of January to simply get back to daily routines and maybe work on new ones at the beginning of the year. I love the holiday season, but much of me is glad when it's over.

I feel somewhat envious, at times, of those who can already look forward to the next holiday to celebrate. But...

How about just being?

Recognize each non-holiday day for what it is: an opportunity, a chance, a gift. Focus on it. Face it. Make the most of it. Regular is good. Normal is nice. We introverts know this deeply. Just let us be. Let us think our daily thoughts without outside things pulling at us, such as, "I still have do this or get this before (...) this day," or "How extravagant should I get and is it too much or not enough..."

Isn't all of that exhausting? Or is it just me?

Apparently National Nothing Day is a thing, and it's on January 16th. I have to scratch my head over that one. Wait, you made it a national day to be recognized that we don't have to recognize any This-or-That day or a holiday of some sort? Did whoever creates these things simply run out of ideas? There's a day marked for nearly everything under the sun until most of it honestly means nothing anymore.

I'm happy to not have to recognize any special thing most days. As a writer, some experts say to check those national day things in advance and use them as promo in some way...

Yeah... I'm too busy and too tired from daily stuff to bother. I rarely even bring up Valentine's Day, and for someone who writes love stories, that's a huge promo no-no. Shrug. I can only do what I can do, and I focus on today and on my self-imposed deadlines and goals. I just can't be that bothered by other people's "do this on this day" rhetoric. I haven't even finished my Christmas gifting yet. Maybe I'll do it for Valentine's Day. Same thought, right?

Here's to not celebrating anything today...

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