Thursday, November 12, 2009

Touring Along on my Virtual Book Blab

Everything we do takes learning along the way. That’s how I write and how I market. I learn as I go. I can’t think of anything we don’t have to just jump in and see how it works as we learn: school, socializing, learning an instrument (studying theory is great but until you DO it, you don’t actually learn it). Same with … love, marriage (for those still unmarried, trust me, it’s a huge learning process), even uh.. sex (shh) is a learning process. We also have to learn HOW to learn in order to do it productively. Those countries with better education rates are those who are best at teaching their kids how to learn, not only facts and figures. How is more important. I think we have come too far from that.

I’m a hands-on type (and if you’re giggling about now, take the image from the paragraph above out of your head, thank you). I learn by jumping in and figuring it out. That’s what I’m doing with all my promo, including my current book tour. I’m figuring it out as I go, along with some wonderful assistance from CRR Promotions! Organizing is not my thing. Luckily, CRR is good at it.

So I’m nearing the middle of my tour. What have I learned?

1- It can get exhausting.

I’m a writer. How hard should it be to write blog content based on my book? Turns out, harder than I expected, especially since CRR did such a great job and I have 16 blogs to write for in 31 days. Not a big deal, right? For someone who has done Nanowrimo for 5 years now and nearly doubled the required 50K last year to write 97,000 words in 30 days, 16 short blogs shouldn’t be a big deal.

Yes well, try taking a novel and writing 16 short essays about it, all with different topics. It’s more easily said than done. Still, I’m enjoying the process because after the two years I’ve taken to write and edit (and re-edit and rewrite and re-edit and…) the story, I’ve found it interesting to dissect my own work even further. It may sound strange to non-writers, but there are so many things that go into a story even the author doesn’t know until she looks back and dissects where that stuff came from. Writing is indeed therapy, especially when you force yourself to take such a hard look.

2- Some people will read your blog postings and not comment.

This is something to remember. Just as on email lists there are many more reading than posting, a lot of readers are hesitant to join in with comments. That doesn’t mean if you only get three comments, you had only three readers. And remember that your posts will (or should) stay in those blogs for a long time to come and can always get randomly pulled from search sites. It’s exposure. Unlike being in Vermont in the winter without a coat on, exposure is good for writers.

3- Form your blog content to your host blog as you can.

This is the hardest, I think. Trying to make your posts relate to your book and to your host can be tricky. Use your imagination. Writers know how to do that, at least fiction writers do. ;-)  When you find one you can’t figure out how to mesh, throw in fun things such as character interviews, author interview, excerpts. If you have an excerpt that will fit in any way, use that. It can be a very small connection, such as mentioning the dog rescue part of your book on a host’s blog who owns dogs.

I’ll likely have more lessons to post later. For now, here are the direct links to each blog I’ve been in this month. And another HUGE thank you for the hosts!  Remember that commenters can win a free printed, signed short story and anyone who comments on 8 or more blogs along the way has a chance to win a signed copy of Off The Moon!

Nov 1: Judah Raine

Introduction - what is literary romance?


Nov 3: Jane Richardson

Artistic Vision and Creative Doubt


Nov 5: Sue Perkins

Traveling Fiction: Places in Story


Nov 7: Linda Banche

Interview:  Will


Nov 9:  Sandra Kay

Subplot: A second rescue


Nov 11: Liana Laverentz

Behind the Scenes: An Army Brat


Also, be sure to catch tomorrow’s blog with Nancy O’Berry:
Celebrities: Truth vs. Hype – Nov. 13

Nov. 15: Metaphorical Reality with Sandra Sookoo

Nov. 17: An Interview with Ned (Ryan’s drummer and quite the character) at Lainey Bancroft’s blog

Oh, I’m also plugging away at Nanowrimo. I’m terribly behind (several thousand words behind) but no big deal. I’ll catch up.

And, be on the lookout right here for not only more blog dates, but a fun interview by a professional drummer who works out of NYC, owns a drum shop, and was part of the Warped Tour (you younger folks will know what that is). Sign up for email updates to be sure not to miss it.

Well, I’m off and on the run again. Actually, it’s more like a slow and somewhat steady trudge. Hey, it worked for the tortoise.

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