Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When You Know It's Right


All writers know that moment: when you put down words that flow from somewhere within and it's simply perfect. It doesn't come often, but it does come.

I said a couple of days ago I had the 2nd draft of Off The Moon done. It was. Except it apparently wasn't. The end bothered me. It wasn't "just right" but I figured it would come during edits.

It came last night instead. NOW it feels finished. It feels like a real end mixed with a new beginning and it's satisfying. It feels right. And it's amazing how much more refreshed I feel today.

On the BookSpa list the other day (linked to the right), we were discussing whether a writer is who you are or only what you do. There were good points on both sides, but I said it's who I am, that I'm not me if I'm not writing enough. Then I wondered if I was being pretentious. Last night reminded me why I say it's who I am. When you wake up refreshed in the morning instead of feeling a nagging weight and the only thing that changed is finding the "right" ending (or other part) of your story, a writer is who you are. It's part of you.

This book in itself feels "right" as well. Something inside says this is the one to focus on, the one that will make me more established as a writer to be acknowledged. I know that sounds pretentious and I humbly apologize but the saying that goes "if you don't believe in yourself, no one else will believe in you" is completely correct. I believe I'm a writer to be acknowledged. I'm glad to finally be able to say so instead of shying away from saying I'm a writer. And this time, I'm going about the publishing process in a more productive way, a way that will help that more than I have so far.

One thing I'll be doing is ordering ARCs (advanced reading copies). As an indie, I'll have to pay for them myself but I believe it will be worth the cost. I want it reviewed, hopefully by the Library Review Journal among other places. I want names in the business providing cover quotes. I may even go after quotes from big names such as Marilynne Robinson, my unwitting mentor, and Roberta Isleib with whom I've established somewhat of a working relationship.

I can't put in the thousands of dollars for promo as some self-publishers (such as The Shack author) do in order to get big sales, but there are less expensive ways to do things that are still done right and I'm all for finding them.

Keep an eye out for Off The Moon. I believe you'll want to find this one.


TC said...

I think I've mentioned this before, but what do you think the difference is between you (you = literary fiction/romance writer) and me (me = freelance writer)? I've never attempted what you've accomplished as a writer, that is to write a piece of fiction (other than those silly college writing assignments I had my senior year). I do know this: I love my subject matter, which includes writing about the environment. But I also know it doesn't pay the bills. I'm having great difficulty finding a job as a writer and I'm almost to the point where I'm beginning to think there are none.

LK Hunsaker said...

There's apparently not a lot of difference since I can't support myself with my writing, either, at least not yet! Have you tried Or try posting articles on

Still, of all the writers I know (and I network with tons), almost none of them are paying the bills with their writing. Unfortunate. I think good copy editors do well, but not the rest of us.

Maggie Toussaint said...

Loraine, I think you are right on track with writing and knowing who you are. There are some writers that zoom to the front of the line. Those of us who labor in the trenches know better what we want and how to act when it happens. We're also better prepared for the ups and downs of publishing.

How cool that you know Roberta Isleib. She was president of SINC at spoke at a Bouchercon luncheon I attended last year. (or soemthing like that, memory is a bit blurry). I see her posting often on either SINC or Guppies.

Thanks for mentioning The Book Spa in your blog.

Have a great week!