Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I Have a Huge Fixation

books1152-500lkhMy to-be-read list is growing like moss in a forest. This is a small section of my bookshelf. Two of these I've read. The rest are waiting. All of them, I can't wait to get to. I'm a bit of a fanatic, I think, and that thought came to me today when I was in the bookstore and found Frank Delaney's Tipperary, as well as a brand new one -- Shannon, I think -- and the one that got me started: Ireland. I haven't yet finished Ireland -- it's not a quick read, but it's so delightful. I felt like I won the lottery finding he has TWO more out! I didn't pick up Shannon because it's only hardcover so far and wouldn't match Tipperary which is trade paperback. Of course, Tipperary doesn't match my mass market Ireland so ... I very nearly picked up Ireland in trade paperback so it would match. I may still. Then I'll pass mass market Ireland along to a family member who would enjoy it. I like trade paperback size.


Other than these gorgeous novels, I have probably 10 Ebooks on my Netbook waiting for me, as well, and a bunch of classics and historicals I've picked up mainly at library book sales. I think I would have to do nothing but read all day for two months to catch up with what I already have on my shelves and I know the next library sale I see, I'll have to browse. I don't see the two-month-straight-reading thing happening but my fingers would be happy since all the typing I've been doing has them pretty sore.

I also picked up another kid's book today: The Mrs. Piggle Wiggle Treasury. I loved Mrs. Piggle Wiggle as a kid. The other side of this same fixation is that I've been picking up lots of kids books when I find them on clearance, some of which are historical/educational puzzle books with incredible photos, some are art books. Okay, there's nothing strange about buying kid's books, right? Except my youngest is nearly 16, and trust me, he won't read what I've been buying. But they're filling out my kid corner so well:kidsbooks1154-500lkh

So, although I don't have kids here to share them with yet, they'll keep until I do.


I suppose having a book fixation isn't bad. I'm not into fashion or shoes or handbags, so I should be allowed something to splurge on, right?

Never mind my CD/music collection or my urge to get to the garden store and add to my bulbs and bushes collection. Some fixations truly are healthy. Really. Just like having fantasies ... ah, but that's for a different entry.

What about you? What are some of your fixations? What books do you have lined up to read or are waiting to get your hands on?

By the way, I'm now a moderator at Classic Romance Revival's Yahoo group and we're looking for book reviewers! You don't need to be an experienced reviewer. You only need to enjoy reading classic romance, that is romance with heart and story but no erotic detail, and be willing to follow a few reviewing guidelines. Books will generally be in Ebook format. Email me at if you're interested and I'll pass your information along to Judah Raine, our trusty, hard-working leader. :-)



Anonymous said...

I love Mrs.Piggle-Wiggle! There's a new book out, I THINK by maybe her granddaughter? Haven't read it yet, but it's on my to-read list.

LK Hunsaker said...

Is there? I'll have to look for that. :-)

Thanks for coming by, Becky!