Saturday, March 28, 2009

Classic Romance Revival



I've been involved with a group of authors working at trying to clarify some of the misunderstanding of the genre concepts romance and erotica. Readers are often afraid to try "romance" novels because of all of the graphic detail that has moved into much of it. Some of us have been discussing the issue and I'm excited to be able to announce that our deliberation on the subject has turned into a new venue for romance:

Classic Romance Revival

What is classic romance? It's straight-forward heterosexual romance between one couple without erotic love scenes. It's the kind of romance a lot of readers have been scouring thrift stores and yard sales to find from earlier times when they knew they might get some sensuality, and expected that, but never found graphic detail.

With no disrespect to authors or readers of any other kind of romance, we wanted to clarify who we are and what we do and make it easier for readers to find us and give us a chance.

We now have a Yahoo group started:
where writers of this specific genre can join to add their information and participate in chats with readers and where readers who enjoy this type of fiction can safely find romance titles complete with sensuality ratings. Nothing erotic is promoted on this site.

Our official launch date is April 3rd and we'll be throwing a party on the group list complete with prizes and author chats that day.

We also have a blog, complete with our mission statement, our book rating system, and a bit about who each of us are:

If you're a writer who fits this category, please consider joining as an author. If you're a reader interested in this type of fiction, we'd love to have you join us on the group and visit the blog and would be happy to chat and answer questions. If you know readers looking for this kind of romance, by all means, please pass the word along. Although sex definitely sells, we feel there is still room for romance that isn't selling sex.

Classic Romance Revival ... Real Romance with heaRt

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