Sunday, August 24, 2008

hitting ground



"To leap is not only to leap, it is to hit the ground somewhere."
Elizabeth Bowen

Bird In Flight
©LK Hunsaker 2008


Have you ever forgotten something you did, something major, that bugs you endlessly when reminded that you did it?

I joined Facebook recently and found two of my favorite college friends. One of them asked if I had gone to a Michael W. Smith concert with them. At the question, my mind said, "Oh. Wait. I remember talking about going. Did I go?" I had to admit to him that I don't remember if I went or if I only talked about going. I have no idea. He likely thinks I'm a nut case.

Should I admit it gets worse? A while back my little sis was talking about how I took her to see REO Speedwagon when we were teens for her birthday. I looked at her and said, "I did what?" She gave me that "are you losing it?" look and reminded me it was a surprise and I wouldn't tell her where we were going until she figured it out on the way there. Oh. Wait. I do kind of remember that part of it. I remember chatting with her in the car on the way there. I don't, for anything, remember being AT the concert. She said it was a great concert. I'm sure it was. Why is it completely lost from my memory?

I remember vividly seeing Kenny Rogers three times, and Sawyer Brown when they first came out and I insisted they were going to be big. I remember John Cougar and the Go Gos. Don Williams who was with Kenny and Sawyer Brown. I saw Petra with a church group. I remember the Swan Lake ballet Mom took my older sis and I to see. I remember seeing Dracula on stage for a college class. I don't remember seeing REO. I sure wish I did. I've always liked them.

I went through a very long dry spell when I was unable to attend concerts, due to kids and such, but I can't imagine ever forgetting that I saw Meatloaf or Paul McCartney, or Elton John, or the 3 Duncan Faure shows. I imagine I won't even forget Avril Lavigne although is was pretty unmemorable and only for my daughter.

Where did that memory go? Why did it vanish? (no, I will guarantee no illegal substances were involved)  Did I go to the Michael W. Smith concert? *shrug* Maybe.

It makes you wonder what else you've done you don't know you've done. Where's the Ginsana?


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TC said...

I reckon you must've "leapt, not only to leap, but hit the ground somewhere" else. Ms. Elizabeth knew it all along. I've heard loss of memory is a natural part of aging. Not to make you feel old (because you sure don't look it).

You've been to a lot more concerts than I. But the one the wife and I attended this past July makes up for all the ones I didn't attend - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss.