Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Help Literacy on Giving Tuesday

I often support Toys for Tots through the Marine Corps. Giving a charity money can feel, as a friend said recently, like you’re throwing it down a black hole. You’re never sure where it’s going exactly. I’ve supported a lot of different things through the years, but lately, I’ve been focusing on local groups that put it right back into the community.

I don’t, however, take toys. I give books. Sometimes they’re cute ones I find at my local indie bookstore. Sometimes they’re my own.

When Grammerly put out the call to help support literacy on Giving Tuesday, I figured I’d combine the two.

I’m taking 5 copies of Stanley: A Raindrop’s Story, paperback version, to our local Toys for Tots drive. Kids need books. Some kids desperately need books. Stanley is a little raindrop who discovers why he should always keep looking up even through hard times. If you want to add to the number of these books that go out to children, I’m running a Giving Tuesday special. Order a hardcover of Stanley through My SITE via the Paypal links at the bottom, and I’ll donate an extra paperback to Toys for Tots.

Of course, you can also go to Grammerly’s site where they have global literacy giving links.

Global Literacy Infographic

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