Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Recipe stuff and my own creations. Seriously.

Okay, if my family reads this, they will laugh. Why? I’ve spent a lot of wasted breath talking about how I hate to cook and I get sick of cooking… and on and on. Really, I don’t. In general.

However, I have been on a health kick over the past few years and since too many recipes call for stuff I’m trying to avoid, such as the very evil refined white sugar, I’ve been adapting recipes to fit my own needs. To me, they taste better than the original, but then I have adjusted my sugar intake way down from where it was. I’m a recovering sugar addict, by the way. Don’t you just hate how recovering addicts KNOW so much about what they’re recovering from? Ah well.

So of course that means writing them on … gasp … recipe cards. For this new grandma who recently had to get stronger reading glasses (like how I threw the grandma thing in there?), little bitty, read “regular sized” recipe cards are just annoying to no end, especially when you have to squeeze in the ingredients so it’s hardly legible.

Being the creative soul I am, I got creative in finding a better way to store and read my cards. Easy enough. First and foremost, I bought 5 x 8 recipe cards. See how much more space they provide?


Have to love that space! Of course they don’t fit in my regular (mostly unused) card box. I’ve been storing them on the fridge with a little suction clip where I can put them over my counter as I use them so they don’t get dirty. Yes well, then they’re hard to read. So I grabbed a 6 x 9 binder with clear pockets, pulled up Publisher to create a snazzy printout to slip in the front and side and voila!


Of course you can also just grab colored pencils or crayons or markers or whatever you have on hand. The only tricky part was changing my paper punch to 6 x 9 size to punch the holes to fit.


Easy! I still need to get alphabetized dividers for it, but now I just set it on the counter beside me, flipped to the recipe I want, and cook away (willingly or not). It even fits nicely with hubby’s cook books. (Only one of these is mine, other than my binder.)


I’ll start sharing some of my own remade healthier recipes soon. Yeah, don’t laugh. Cooking is less horrible when you’re being creative. Winking smile


Celia Yeary said...

I've always said an ex-cigarette smoker is the worst to be around. My husband is one, and he always, always, points out--"someone is smoking is here," when there's probably not, or at least one hundred yards away. If we pass by a smoking area outside a building, he'll carry on about that horrible smell. I've never hit him in my life, but I swear I want to smack him! I lived with it/him for 25 years before he quit.
Anyway, do what works for you. We eat too much sugar, but still, it's a small amount. Not enough to hurt us because neither of us are a pound over our desired weight.
But during ice cream season--warm months, man, I have to really reign myself in or I'd gain 25 pounds. I just love ice cream too much and won't settle for a small bowl. I need a BIG BOWL. Keep working on those recipes! I like your idea of 5x8 cards, but since I have about 200 on the small index cards, I'll just have to live with them. Thanks, Grandma.

LK Hunsaker said...

Celia, I'm only rewriting my most-used cards - no time for them all, and there are only a few I use regularly.

In general, I'm not a huge ice cream nut, but I do love Breyers Butter Pecan and Blizzards! Mmm.. come on, ice cream season!