Wednesday, June 12, 2013

FT Scenery: Lakeview Museum Peoria IL

Lakeview Museum of Arts and Science plays a strong role in The gallery, both in Finishing Touches and Final Strokes. Of course. It’s a story about artists set partly in Peoria IL in the Eighties, so Lakeview had to be included.

I see that the original Lakeview is no longer in use. Now it’s moved down to the river front and is the Peoria Riverfront Museum. That’s nice, I suppose. It looks like a great facility from what I see online. But it makes me a bit homesick for “those days” when things were as they were when I was still living in the area.

My sister took the above photo for me a few years ago to use in the book trailer for Finishing Touches.

Things do change, but the art scene is still thriving in Peoria. Know the old saying: “If it doesn’t play in Peoria…”? I love finding all of the art related pages on Facebook based in the area, such as The Studios on Sheridan. In fact, I have a recent interview from one of the resident artists that’s well worth the read (and a glimpse of her work).

Connie Andrews talks with

The good thing about old memories for a writer is that they make for great story fodder. Much of that feel is forever encapsulated in The gallery and folded around a growing and struggling relationship and children and careers and unresolved issues.

Life is a gallery. You never know what you might find on any
MichelangeloAnselmi-Christ_and_Woman_of_Samaria-LakeviewMuseum given aisle on any given day or how it might change your vision.

If you’re on
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Do you have a favorite local art museum? Give it a shout out in the comments!

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