Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yellow Balloons for Boston


Two yellow balloons

Smoke, Panic, Destruction
Bystanders, cheering
are now the runners, escaping
Victims and the terrified flee the sidewalks
and road and buildings, away
Helpers by the Dozens
flee to those injured, frightened
offering arms, feet, shelter,
Come, we will carry you
away, as the wind carries the smoke
the screams, the terror

The world watches
and two yellow balloons
float up into the sky

~~ ~~ ~~

My heart, as with much of the rest of the world, is with Boston and all those affected by the horrific attack on15 Apr 2013. As I watched footage, the searing sight of two yellow balloons released from a child’s hand gripped my soul.

I have spent many hours in Boston. It’s one of my favorite cities. I’ve written it into stories. I carry the memories, just as a good friend carried my daughter on his shoulders while we traveled Independence Trail years ago. That daughter is grown now. We live a couple of states away now.

I have lived in a terrorized zone and I understand how shaken everyone in the area will be for a long time to come. I pray for all those injured physically and mentally to find peace again. 

For those who were murdered… let there be justice.

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Celia Yeary said...

The terrorism makes my heart sick. The baloons--how bittersweet. What makes these people so evil? I've been to Boston once. Beautiful place, and I keep wondering, why Boston? And which city is next? I believe the bomber(s) are from Boston. I do hope we learn the identity soon.