Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Specials! Buy Books!

I never, never go shopping on Black Friday. I don’t like to shop, except for books and art/office stuff, and I don’t like crowds. This makes today a stay-at-home day for me every year. I do sometimes buy online, though.

Today the 20-40 degree days here in western PA have taken a pause and we’re expecting 60 and sunny! The perfect day to go plant the rest of my spring bulbs while I still can.

Before I do that, I thought I’d join in on the fun (or at least many people apparently think it’s a lot of fun!) and offer my own Black Friday specials.

So here goes:

Moondrops & Thistles
Ebook at 70% off today and tomorrow only! Use coupon code KL68T -- only at Smashwords

OR if you want it in print, today (Friday) only I'll give $3.00 off a personally signed edition. Makes great Christmas gifts! Use the contact page at for details about how to buy today for $11.95, shipping included (retail 14.95).

For those who prefer shorter and spicier books, the shorter, spicier version of Moondrops is only $0.99 through the end of November as a Nanowrimo special, coupon code  CY54Y only at Smashwords.  (This book is not erotica.)

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If you’re looking for other books as Christmas gifts, give a try and go through your local independent book seller!

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AUTHORS!  Have a Black Friday special going on? Post it in the comments!
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LK Hunsaker said...

Please note, the print version of Moondrops offer is good in the US only, due to high shipping costs.