Friday, September 23, 2011

Bennington VT part 2

Bennington Pathway
Along the River walk along the back side of downtown Bennington, there are markers depicting the town’s past. One of these was as a rail station used for logging, marketing, and travel.

The walk itself is short and quiet, with a lovely little seating area on one side. I couldn’t help think it would be a nice place to write on a beautiful Vermont day.

River walk
Head down a block from the river walk into the town center and you’ll come across these charming pedestrian zones. They were being repainted (yes, by hand) when we were there.

pedestrian zone
But on to the Bennington Battle Monument (as promised in the first post)!

The Battle of Bennington was an important factor of the Revolutionary War. The British army needed supplies and Bennington had plenty in their supply depot. With the help of the Green Mountain Boys, Brigadier General John Stark and his troops held them off, saved their supplies, and helped lead to the surrender of the British troops.

The monument stands where the supply depot stood back in 1777. A statue of John Stark embellished with his favorite quote – (“There they are boys! We beat them today or Molly Stark sleeps a widow tonight!”) stands on one side:

General John Stark
On the other is Colonel Seth Warner of the Green Mountain Boys:

Colonel Seth Warner
And be sure to go up the elevator to the top (the fee is very small and the sights are well worth it):

from the top
That’s Massachusetts in the background! I couldn’t help being amused at the painted moose, either. Although I read much about the many moose spotting sites, we didn’t see any other than this guy:

After visiting the monument, it only made sense to stop by Old Bennington Cemetery to pay homage to the local boys resting there since the Revolutionary War, as well as the poet Robert Frost, who made his home in next door Shaftsbury but chose this mountainside view as his final resting place.

Robert Frost's grave
Robert Frost
I’m not sure what the pennies are for. If anyone does, please comment below. [For more info, see the Frost Friends  site.]

If you’re looking for relaxation, recreation, or need to cool off, be sure to visit Lake Paran for a swim. I came to make sure my facts are straight before I use them in the further story of Ryan and his friends. 

Lake Paran
All in all, we had an incredible visit, although very short, and have every intention of returning to explore more of Bennington and the area.


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