Thursday, January 06, 2011

Give It A Chance

chocolate mint“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

Henry Ford

Believe in coincidences? Or is there a reason for everything that seems to be a coincidence?

I’m not sure which I believe. I do think a lot of things happen for a reason, yes. There are things we need to learn and struggles are often the only way we can learn them. But when I found a friend’s blog post today, posted a few days ago, that coincided so well with a conversation I had with my family a few days ago, I had to laugh. As he mentions, I can cook. I don’t necessarily like to cook, but I can. Unlike him, I do it often because … well, I’m the one who will. It’s one of those things moms often just get stuck with just because.

Anyway, we were talking about some celeb’s new cookbook (which I will gladly ignore) and I mentioned I should write a cookbook for those who don’t like to cook and don’t want to spend more time doing so than absolutely necessary, but still want healthy meals. One pot is always good, also, for less clean up time. I’ve become a near expert (well, expert might be too strong a word) on this cooking method. I rarely use convenience foods. As my family says, I’m … well, thrifty. I use actual ingredients (ground turkey, pasta, potatoes, veggies…) not pre-made reheat bags and boxes and cans (well, not often). If you’re buying all that stuff, don’t complain to me about your grocery bill! It’s bad enough buying the actual ingredients.

Moving along and jumping back off my soapbox, as Paul’s blog post about cooking eggs that didn’t turn out as expected rolled along, I figured I knew where he was going with it. A writing analogy of course, as in, just because your story veers into a direction you didn’t intend or if your writing career takes a path you didn’t plan, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong; maybe it’ll turn out even better.

I was wrong. He didn’t go there. So I did. Winking smile

His eggs turned out well enough he shared his recipe. What seemed a failure, wasn’t.

On a similar note, we’ve had company the past week. Honestly, I was dreading it because it was taking me way out of my comfort zone. Turns out it wasn’t so bad. Actually (and I’m eating crow here – not blackbird! that would be a bit scary right now), it turned out well. I guess I’ll stop fighting this particular cause.

Sometimes you just have to take a bite of the chocolate mint wax and give it a try.

Apparently, it does at least taste like chocolate mint, even if it isn’t.


Andra M. said...

The nice thing about my hubby working nights and me days is he gets to do all (or at least most) of the cooking!

Although we each have our specialties.

Chocolate mint wax? I don't know if I'm brave enough to try it. I don't want to chance it'll get stuck permanently in my teeth.

Paolo Mateo said...

Thanks for the plug, Loraine, and for taking my story to the level that you did. It's not uncommon for me to write something that has layers within: the obvious on top and each layer in succession containing a similar message or one completely different. Usually, I am not aware of all the layers, finding those through readers who assumed all along I knew of the ones they had found. Maybe this (your point) was one of those layers. Maybe not. I'm just content you found a useful avenue for my little mishap-turned-success.

LK Hunsaker said...

Andra, my hubby has been doing a lot of cooking recently, since he's on break. It's nice, except it's not so nice for my waistline! I specialize in low fat, quick, whole grains and veggie heavy. He's a guy; he likes MEAT! LOL

Paul, I love how you always write in layers and I suppose I'm used to watching for them! I forgot to mention my own cooking mishap, though. As a note, try tofu burgers or try black bean burgers, but don't try to mix them. Ugh.

Paolo Mateo said...

Tofu. Ugh. My youngest made a stew-like dish once, with tofu as the meat substitute -- she is a vegetarian of some order -- and it was absolutely too horrible tasting for me to finish the left-overs she left us when she went home. It didn't look that good, either. And to be fair, Steph is a pretty decent cook. I guess I do not like tofu.

No black-beans -- pretty much any bean I like -- sounds interesting. Care to pass on the recipe? Pretty please? :)