Saturday, December 04, 2010

Nano Wind-down

nano_10_winner_120x240-4Thank you again to all of my Nano guests this year! They all hit their 50K goals through all of the struggles and external trials and schedules: an incredible triumph.

Writers don’t live in enclosed little writing shacks where everything gets done by others and all we have on our minds is our story. Many of us like to dream of such a thing, but the truth is, we almost always have to work it around so many other things that come first. Sometimes they come so “first” that it’s nearly impossible to write. Those who succeed work around the impossible. That’s what Nanowrimo is about: giving ourselves permission to put writing first for a change.

I ended up the month with just over 95,000 words, but word count wasn’t my main goal. I wanted a complete first draft that I could jump back into at the beginning of the thing later on, after I let it sit through the holidays. Most of the last week, I was becoming convinced that wouldn’t happen. The story filled itself in more than I expected; the characters had more to say than I’d planned to allow them.

I kept pushing toward that goal, anyway, and at 11:00 pm on November 30th, I came to the end of the story.

My fingers were cramping. My wrists are tender, even in their braced assistance. My back, which decided to bother me this month more than it has in 21 years, spent a week and a half fussing at me to get up and go lie flat on the floor. I did that often in between propping a pillow behind it in my supportive chair, along with stretching gently and so on. Part of that time was given to my ‘day job’ which is also on the computer. And yet, I wrote The End on the 30th as I hoped. (I also managed 2,000-some words for Rehearsal one day when a scene jumped into my head.)

So much for a quick, light write that I thought I’d only put out only as an Ebook to help fill in Fred Dawson’s background for Off The Moon fans, and specifically Daws fans. Because it filled out so well, I imagine this one will go to print, also.

And I’m breaking the rules. Instead of letting it sit for at least a month, I’ve started edits. It won’t let me go.

That’s okay. Soon Christmas activities will take over and I’ll have to let it sit. I suppose I should do some shopping and decorating.

If you haven’t yet, please scroll down and read my guests’ experiences. They’d love a comment, as well!

Nanowrimo isn’t only for or about writers, by the way. It’s about taking time for your dreams. I urge everyone to do so.



Pocket Muse said...

Thanks for inviting me! I had a lot of fun, and WOW! I didn't realize that all of your guests made their NaNoWriMo goals---biggly woot and congrats all around!! =)

And big congrats to you too. So glad the muses were moved to write the entire book...and jump into revisions right away. Go you!


Kara Hartz said...

I agree completely! And even though my first draft isn't done yet, I feel it's do-able now. Off to get my words in for the day!

Andra M. said...

A bit late, but I also thank you for the invite!

I'm awed that you wrote 95k. No wonder your body is protesting.

aarbaugh said...

LK - finally checking back in. Thanks again for the blog invite. As you know, it was my first appearance. I've sent an updated version to our MD Romance Writers newsletter. It will appear in our first issue for 2011. I gave myself the month off and this weekend I'll get started on separating the stories. Now, to see which characters yell for my attention and win the honor of "first WIP for 2011". Best wishes for the New Year!