Friday, December 11, 2009

Artsy gift ideas with a romantic theme

I’ll post more of these later on, but here’s the first batch. Romances that are heart-warming, fun, kicky, and non-graphic:

A Knight’s Vow by Lindsay Townsend

I picked this one up in paperback for only $3.99 at my local bookstore. I happen to know the author, but even so, I’m not exaggerating to say how much I enjoyed the story. This Medieval Historical romance is well written, well researched (without throwing in a bunch of extra stuff to show the author did her research), and very believable. The sensual scenes are done nicely without overdoing it. The hero and heroine are both very likeable and easy to root for. The villain is complex enough not to be cliche and we’re not always sure whether or not he’ll remain a villain. Nice read! I have the next of the series sitting here waiting for me and look forward finding time to get to it.

A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing by Deborah McGillivray

I also found this in paperback for under $10 - $8, I think. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one although I’d seen plenty of good reviews for it. The title and description made me think it might be paranormal, which I don’t read much, but it wasn’t. This contemporary romance was very fairy tale based, and at times there were too many repetitions on the theme for my own taste, but it was a fun read overall and the hero is not all hero – he has a touch of a villain in him, which makes him fun. The heroine is easy to sympathize with and believable. It also has nice sensual scenes that don’t go too far. A good gift for a reader who likes quirky romance.

Next is a list of three books I have waiting and haven’t yet read, so I can’t give them a review other than to say I’ve read a lot of excerpts and this is an author who pushes the romance bounds as I do. It’s artsy and intelligent and also non graphic. I very much look forward to reading all three and at least one of these historical romances will be on my holiday reading agenda:
Anam Cara; The Art of Love; & Ties That Bind by Keena Kincaid 

I also have a couple of books by Maggie Toussaint waiting for me. Another author of my acquaintance, Maggie has a fun, unique style and writes cozy mysteries. She loves golf so look for that in her books, and the profits to one of them goes to help fund horse rescue projects.

I was fortunate enough to win another fun novel – novella, as it’s a short read – from author Linda Banche. The title is Pumpkinnapper and I haven’t finished it yet (I’m in the middle of 5-6 books at the moment so reviews will be coming!) but I was completely pulled in by the beginning. I love the writing style and the humor. Linda writes Regencies, but I can guarantee they aren’t stuffy Regencies!

Speaking of Regencies, I reviewed Joanna Waugh’s Blind Fortune a while back and still highly recommend that one!

If you’re a western fan, along with Cheryl’s books (check interview below), a review of Celia Yeary’s All My Hopes and Dreams is here in my blog from a couple of months back, and she has a new one I’ve not read yet, Showdown In Southfork. Look her up!

All of the above can be found in electronic format (not sure about Wolf) for under $10.00 which makes them a nice gift! 

Please remember, if you buy an ebook to gift, you cannot keep a copy for yourself as well. Piracy is rampant in ebook world and hurts authors.

Oh, mine are available in ebook format for under $10, also! Find them all here:   Or, for a special gift, buy my newest from Elucidate Publishing with the email address to send it to your receiver directly, and I’ll also send a personally signed bookmark and bookplate in the mail to him/her.

Happy gifting!


Linda Banche said...

Hi LK, thanks for your kind words about my PUMPKINNAPPER. Since you haven't finished it, you probably haven't gotten to the best jokes yet. I promise you, you'll enjoy it!

Joanna Waugh said...

Thanks for recommending BLIND FORTUNE! Excerpts are available on my website at
Just click on "Joanna's Books."
Wishing you many sales in the new year, LK.
Happy Holidays!

LK Hunsaker said...

Linda, good to know! I look forward to it. :-)

Joanna, I very much look forward to your next novel, also!

Lindsay Townsend said...

Thank you, so much, LK, for your lovely words about my A KNIGHT'S VOW! Sorry I've not been over earlier - I've had rush edits, plus a still-poorly mum, so life is a bit hectic at the moment!

I love your other book recommendations, too!