Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bunnies and Brides and Books, Oh My!

Bunny and Fairy House-LK Hunsaker

Today is my first in roughly three weeks that I've been able to simply stay home and go about my normal day, whatever that is.

My "little" sister got married a couple of weekends ago and we made the trek to Illinois to be there and be part of it. Why do bunnies and pink go together so well? Never mind that thought. I was thinking of the bright sunset pink dress I wore as one of the matrons of honor -- a beautiful shade, pretty dress, but I don't tend to wear pink unless it's a dusty rose. Anyway, I had a lot of fun watching all the rabbits in Mom's yard enjoying her flower garden complete with fairy house. It's adorable. I can see why they enjoy it, never mind that their main purpose of enjoying it has to be the seed scattered by the birds from the feeder above. I was glad to capture this little guy peeking up over the wall. He looks like Peter Rabbit eyeing Mr. McGregor's garden, doesn't he?

I ended up giving the toast from the bride's party and there was so much I would like to have said but being that the moment I start speaking in public, my brain shuts down and I can barely get a few words out, I managed only a couple of sentences. I think I'll do what I do best and write down a better toast to send along to them with some of the best photos I took of the wedding, including the Rehearsal dinner, the pre-wedding women's getting ready shots, and the reception. Yes, she was the fairy tale June Bride, all in whiteWedding Cake-photo by LK Hunsaker and glowing, and their expressions while looking at each other made it easy to see why some of us write romance. It's beautiful to see a couple deal with so much separately and then together and finally look so joyful about bonding their lives in front of God and witnesses. I can't understand why some look down at romantic movies and romantic books when really, that's what we all want -- that love and bonding that is truly the center of our worlds. We can choose to try to deny that, but we all know inside it's exactly what we want, the thing that fills out our lives. Some of us choose instead to embrace it wholeheartedly. I have to believe we're the happier group.

Romance writers: don't ever apologize for writing romance. It's the best selling genre for a reason. Be proud of that. Readers: please remember there IS a difference between romance and erotica and we're not all both, and before readers of other genres look down your noses at us, maybe remember how important fairy tale romance was to us as children and how important love and bonding is to all of us as adults. We believe in that. 

For those who enjoy sweet, short romantic stories, I have one featured at LASR this week:



TC said...

Catholic weddings are awesome! I never knew until I married into a Catholic family.

(I'm sorry, but I hate rabbits and ground hogs! Two of the most destructive garden pests I have!)

LK Hunsaker said...

Ah, they are but this wasn't one. ;-)

My dogs tend to keep the rabbits away from my veggie garden since it's beside their fence. And groundhogs ... well, you know the story of that from Facebook!