Saturday, December 13, 2008

Raffling to Support Injured Servicemembers



My new bookmarks!

photo by LK Hunsaker
(my website is not on the front of the actual bookmarks)


  As my front page shows, I'm an affiliate of Books 4 Boots, a program helping to provide funds for family members of injured servicemembers to visit them in military hospitals, since many can't afford to do so. They also provide books to help fill their time while recovering.

I'm going to be sending along books at the beginning of the year and would like to involve any interested readers. So, I'm holding a raffle where I give the gifts to anyone participating!

Yesterday I received new bookmarks with a photo of trees over a lake and an R.L. Stevenson quote on one side with my info on the other. As I'm quite happy with how they turned out, I'm anxious to share them.

Anyone donating $1.50 to the B4B donation fund will receive 2 signed bookmarks from me.

Anyone donating $3.50 or more receives the bookmarks and is also eligible for the raffle. So far that includes:

1-- A copy of the brand new book by A.L. Marquardt, A Reason To Hope, signed by the author, with bookmark! See for info on her work.

2-- A custom made pumpkin pie candle by

3-- A printed and signed excerpt of Off The Moon by LK Hunsaker, expected to be released in fall of 2009

4-- One custom image with theme of your choice (PG-13 rated or lower only) to use on Myspace, Facebook, your site, Blogger, or wherever you like. There are a few examples here:
(I'll use my own photos and art so no copyright issues.)

If something else comes up, I'll post an update. If any of you artists out there, writers or otherwise, would like to join in, let me know!

Funds for raffle prizes do not come out of the donations!

Donations are through Paypal. Be sure to mark the amount and your mailing address. Addresses will not be shared or used for other purposes. Feel free to include a brief note of support for the troops and I'll send them all along with the donation.

Raffle ends midnight, December 31st.

In case you'd like bookmarks without donating, see my website for the address to send a SASE.

Click to pay via Paypal


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