Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Twelve Days...

It's a Twelve Days of Christmas Give-Aways raffle from LKHunsaker.com!

LK Hunsaker, literary romance novelist, is celebrating Christmas by giving arts-related gifts to readers. To enter, email your name and general location to ElucidatePublishing[at]yahoo.com and list your favorite fiction genre or your favorite novel. There will be a random winner drawn each day beginning December 14th and ending December 25th, so be sure to have your entry in before 6 pm (Eastern US time) on the 14th! Winners will be emailed and asked for their mailing addresses (info will not be shared in any way). In January, all entrants will be sent an invitation to subscribe to LK Hunsaker's newsletter, which can be either accepted or denied.

Raffle prizes:

14th: 12 signed bookmarks
15th: 11 blue mood pencils
16th: 10 Elucidations art pens
17th: 9 signed book plates
18th: 8 stamped postcards
19th: 7 artsy pencils
20th: 6 packs of stickers
21st: 5 calligraphy markers
22nd: 4 sheets of labels (personalized)
23rd: 3 pretty notebooks
24th: 2 music candles (rain-scented, custom made by http://www.schoolcornercrafts.com/)
25th: 1 Rehearsal gift set: signed copy of Rehearsal: A Different Drummer, 3 treble clef soaps (by http://www.schoolcornercrafts.com/), several tea bags of different flavors, and 1 each of prizes 12 through 3

One each of prizes 12 through 9 will be given to every winner. Prizes 12 through 5 will be mailed before Christmas. Prizes 4 through 1 will be mailed shortly after the New Year. Labels are mailing labels personalized with winner's name and address and theme of choice.

Winners will also be posted daily at http://www.myspace.com/lkhunsaker Please say in your email if you do not want your last name used!

Family members of LK Hunsaker or Elucidate Publishing staff are not eligible to win.

Good luck! Feel free to pass this email along to friends or post in any reader gathering spots.

LK Hunsaker

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