Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pirates at the World's End: a pre-review with no spoilers

I'm going to be careful. How I can review this movie without throwing spoilers, I'm not sure, so I think I'll do a better one later after everyone interested has had the chance to see it.
And if you're not interested, you should be.

I have to say I was shocked to find such a horrid review of it on msn last night. It left me wondering if the critic and I saw the same movie! I put it down to one reality of media: many critics think they have to be overly-critical for people to think they are doing their jobs right, or to make themselves sound more intelligent than they are. One of his objections was that we all KNEW Captain Jack didn't actually perish in the last one and would be back again. Forgive the vulgarness of the following comment, but ... DUH!

Pirates of the Caribbean is fantasy action/adventure ... fiction. We know this going in. We know we are not going to see a documentary or a drama that has to make more sense than real life. Of course Captain Jack returns. Who would go see it if he didn't??? The question was ... how does he return and what happens when he does?

The movie's opening tells us, "Hey, we're making a point about history in this film. Pay attention!" There were so many comments about the second of the series not being as good as the first. Why? Because the first was pure fun, with a few one-liners signifying they were trying to make a statement, as well. The second drew more meaning into the plot: things like the East Indie Trading Company and what it was actually doing to the world and to the working people. Things such as what happens when honor and morality break down and who is really on the "wrong" side and IS there actually a "wrong" side or simply an "other" side. Who is more villainous, really? The third adds another question, a very important question, but I won't say it here because it would be a spoiler for some.

The series is full of philosophy and psychology and history and the third one brings that out further. At World's End is nearly 3 hours long, but I found myself not ready for it to end. It's an incredible journey into so many facets of human life that one viewing is only the start. It will take several viewings of this movie to really "get" it all. It also takes a bit of brain power, and in so saying, some will not like it because of that; because it forces us to think if we're really paying attention to it. There are such incredible single lines scattered at the appropriate points that I'm in awe of the writers. It's a work of brilliance, which I'm sure will be largely overlooked. Just as literary fiction, only a handful of the population will sincerely appreciate what it offers.

Pirates of the Caribbean is not only fantasy action-adventure. It is literary fantasy action-adventure.

After three hours of the movie, combined with an hour of waiting in line first to be sure we had good seats, I was ready to buy tickets for the 10:45 show and go right back in. My kids, however, were not willing. Kids. I'll have to fight myself not to go back today. And the next day. And the day after. But I will be going back to see it and taking anyone willing to go with me.

And I'll be at the store the day it comes out on DVD.

The following quote is from a different movie, but it's really appropriate for Pirates, also:

"If we stop breathing, we die.
If we stop fighting our enemies, the world would die."
from Casablanca

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J. H. Bográn said...

Seems like you really enjoyed your pirates! It was a bit lengthy, specially hard on my 4 Y.O. But as you, my wife and me are looking forward to get it on DVD.
When I blogged about it, and to keep my conscience clean, I did warn the "spoiler" so people would read further down at their own risk.
This resulting on a reader commenting she'll comment on it later when she a chance to watch it! lol.